23 June 2015


haha hello. few days ago i found on the internet a super trick how to renew your old lip balm which i found super cool and girly and all these things. anyway. one of my worst attributes is that i always find things super easy and think that i can do everything like other people or even better. so here i'm bringing you my diy story aka how i overrated my diy skills. 

 first of all watch this little video and see my intention

i didn't have any of these things but i obviously decided to do it anyway. the next day i bought the oil but didn't get the bee wax so somehow i figured out i can use vaseline instead of it. /what a piece of shit i am/ so basically today i found myself mixing the coconut oil and vaseline together /i used my own amounts, of course/ a put it in the microwave, and a first problem came. the vaseline didn't melt so i had to help it a bit... well after i put it in the fridge i was unexpectedly so excited for it to come out so i checked it every minute. then i put it out /too soon i guess/ whoa. the pretty shape that is supposed to be on the bottom was somehow screwed in the top part. so i hurled it to the floor and it all cracked and just ugh. then i put it in the refrigerator bc i thought it's somehow gonna be better /haha nice try/ there are greasy spots all over my kitchen, refrigerator and fridge /bc i spilled the rare mix there of course/ and everything is pink and greasy. 
i forgot to mention that i did it the second time then and i didn't use the vaseline at all so it's basically just coconut oil freezed in the shape of a lip balm. it tastes nasty and the consistence is disgusting. anyway it's nice and girly. go give it a try like me. lol.

...look at her happy face. and then there's me like...oh.